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SiteFlow greatly simplifies the website content creation process. At any point in time, managers can check on the status of various components, locate where the component is in the process, see who is working on the content and manage any delays.

Like in an assembly line, a website has many components that have to be created and assembled at the required time. Traditional Content Management Systems do provide a rudimentary workflow, but they are designed for individual components and not whole assemblies. Without a proper workflow system, content management for a large website is difficult to control and monitor progress.

SiteFlow is a workflow tool with innovative features not found in commercially available systems. These features include capacity planning, route step calculation, either forward from a start date or backward from a target date, automation of repetitive steps leading to business savings and a peer to peer/file server architecture allowing users to work offline.
A workflow product designed specifically to handle the complexities of an eCommerce website creation and upgrades. Designed to go above and beyond standard content management systems to automate the complexities of teams working in parallel to develop Web pages.

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