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TAJ builds applications, migrate legacy systems and mainframe items  using Microsoft technology. Our consultants are Microsoft certified and have experience working in vertical industry sectors,  developing scientific and engineering applications that involve device-level interaction and complex multi threading. TAJ's range of Microsoft solutions include a range of applications. TAJ portfolio includes applications for commercial use.

GI Motility Support & Data Acquisition: TAJ team developed a mathematically and scientifically complex application for doctors to examine data and track events on real-time charts. The system involved migrating data to a .NET application. Microsoft .NET solutions enable easy access and use of important medical information.
Effort Certification Tool: This .NET application is used to meet federal regulations when approving individual salaries for specific research projects. TAJ specialists developed this system using .NET and SQL server, providing consistent programming models, with simplified development efforts and direct security support.

Electronic appraisal system: This system automates the timely processing of employee performance appraisals by pulling data from employee demographics and job descriptions. TAJ was involved in developing this system using Microsoft .NET technology.

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