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Many businesses use Open Source solutions because they are easier
to modify and more flexible than
traditional software. Other benefits include better quality, lower costs and an end to vendor dependency. TAJ has proven experience delivering these solutions to clients:

cTrack/pTrack/xTrack:TAJ uses Java software to develop tools to streamline our processes and augment our services. Our software products are used internally to manage consulting practices, online testing and project management.
cTrack is a professional services automation tool designed specifically for consulting practices. It acts as our consultant data warehouse, allowing recruiters and account executives to store and search candidate information.
pTrack is a Web-based, real-time project management tool that enables complete control of projects, while allowing participation of remote delivery teams and client project managers.
xTrack is an online testing tool used to verify consultant skill-set quickly and efficiently. This tool ensures alignment of consultant skill with project requirement.

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