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As more people go wireless, providers must keep up with a rise in competition and stay up-to-date with technology innovations.

TAJ consultants have extensive experience working with the nation's leading telecom clients, implementing IT infrastructure solutions to drive business growth. We provide our clients with a wide range of services across multi-vendor, multi-technology environments, focusing on data & video communications, software development, network integration and computer systems network testing and implementation.


TAJ is involved in creating,validating, and correcting orders,  by fixing the issues of Order Entry Systems. TAJ Consultants interact with the Off-Shore Team to test and fix the orders in OrderPro, while working with the Client's Quality Center. The Technologies used comprise of Web-Based Order Entry System and is a combination of Front End (GUI), Back End (Java, C++), Database(Oracle), along with Front End(Java, PL/SQL) 


Our Consultants use an Enterprise Scale Application, to capture details about customer issues, and open trouble tickets,  by setting target resolution date and time, and automatically routes tickets to field technicians. Our technologies comprise of HP Quality Center, Java, Soap1.1/1.2, Web Services, XML, DB Visualizer, SQL Server 2008, Oracle11i, AIX/Unix, and SSH.  


TAJ has a supported 10 Commercial Mainframe customers for storage and lead projects to implement Hitachi replication. The Technologies used in the project included all of the IBM storage utilities, SMS, DFHSM, FDR products, and FDRABR. On the HDS replicaton, TAJ used BCM(Business Continuance Management), HUR (Hitachi Universal Replicator),  SN (Storage Navigator), Oracle, HSC, and KMS


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