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Site Logger

Site Logger: Do you know what your website contained six months ago? Was a given product featured at a promotional price? SiteLogger is a fast and efficient spider that keeps a record of every public-facing iteration of your website. Having access to these records can help with everything from future website planning to co-op funding reimbursement.


Starting from the home page, SiteLogger is a spider that archives your entire website. This multi-threaded, extremely fast product can be customized to your exact need. With proper server support, Site Logger can actively go through a very large and complex website and log the exact elements and attributes needed within a short period of time.

Site Logger has a small file size and can be scheduled or run on demand. It has no dependencies on DLLs, databases, network paths or VPNs. It does not update any registry entries, and it can be run from any Windows desktop.

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