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SiteWatcher: If your business runs a large eCommerce website, the constant inspection and monitoring of pricing, shipping, availability and promotions is a daunting task. SiteWatcher inspects and creates a report on what the consumer sees on your site and generates an exception report, reducing errors and saving hours of manual inspection time.

SiteWatcher reports on pricing, promotion and messaging anomalies, preventing potential losses to the business. The SiteWatcher inspection and reporting tool uses a customized browser to inspect hundreds of SKUs on an eCommerce site and produces actionable reports within minutes. This type of inspection would take hours using manual methods, and is subject to many potential mistakes.

One of our clients has 30 different internal departments monitoring their eCommerce website. They report that SiteWatcher saves them an average of 4 hours a week per department, inspecting product pricing, shipping, availability and promotions on their site. Automating the manual inspection method also eliminates countless human errors of this inspection process.

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