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TAJ has helped take creative ideas and develop them into technology solutions to address patient needs:

TAJ developed a website and downloadable application to help consumers track their medications and become more involved in treatment planning/options. The application has a database of over 700 common medications, brand name and generic-name, common dosages and delivery methods (oral, injection, topical, etc). Consumers also benefit from a printable, wallet-sized card listing their medications, primary care contact and emergency contact-valuable in an emergency situation where the consumer is unable to communicate this information.

Minnesota Multi Phasic Inventory System (MMPI) – MMPI is a standard test used to check the mental health of a patient. The test consists of a series of questions on a deck of cards that have to be answered True or False and then scored. TAJ consultants developed the MMPI system as a hardware/software combination that reads MMPI card decks and scores them. Along with the main software, TAJ also developed drivers and diagnostic modules for the optical card readers along with communication modules to work over a network.

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